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Google is the most used search engine, receiving over 8.5 billion search queries a day, now people are shifting their maximum attention toward Google Ads. Many people ask me How can we master Google Ads? Or How have I gained so much experience in Google Ads?

I often get asked where a beginner should start in learning PPC and what are the tips and tricks to succeed in running a PPC Campaign. So, I have decided to share a detailed article about it so that it can be helpful to you and other people who are reading this post like you!

Also, the people who are not yet known with Google Ads, this detailed post will let you understand Google Ads and how to enhance your skills as a Google Ads Expert by getting good Google Ads Training. Here I am sharing the secret to learning Google Ads Practically from my learning resources which I personally prefer and have always followed for my learning and skill enhancement.

Resources To Learn Google Ads Practically

1. Google’s own Ads Training i.e Google Skillshop

Indeed, Google has its own Google Ads training course for people who want to get a basic idea of Google Ads and all Google Ads essentials. It is totally worth your time if you plan to make your career in Google Ads in the future.

2. Join Reddit Community for Google Ads Experts

Reddit is a community of knowledge that wonders if you know how to use it correctly. There are a lot of Google Ads Expert Communities in Reddit wherein you can be a part of and communicate with experts about Google Ads Training in India and have good practical knowledge.

3. Follow the Simplilearn Youtube channel for pro updates 

No doubt the channel has a bucket of secrets and learnings related to Google Ads. They share good updates and videos related to Google Ads and training videos and even share good career opportunities in Paid Ads. If you are a fresher and want to know how to run campaigns and learn more then their channel will definitely benefit you.

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4. PPC Expo to explore best PPC Tools

It gives you a better idea of PPC Tools and what tools are in trend. The blogs they share are commendable and actually very detailed to read and understand. They have stated good examples to make their readers understand the what and how of Google Ads

5. PPC Hero to know the best Ads Strategy and Tips 

It gives you a better idea of PPC Tools and what tools are in trend. The blogs they share are commendable and very detailed to read and understand. They have stated good examples to make their readers understand the basics and advances of Google Ads.

6. Read SEMrush blogs almost daily 

SEMrush is the best website for any fresher to get a hold of it. SEMrush also offers a free PPC course with Joel Bondorowsky, wherein you get to know the basics of PPC from one of the world’s most respected advertising professionals.

7. Connect with Google Partners 

Joining the Google Partners program can provide you with so many benefits like specialized training, and focused instruction and it offers you an invitation for many exciting events. Google Partners help you learn about Google ads.

8. Refer to the Loves Data blog to knowing more about Google Ads and more updates 

Loves Data is a YouTube Channel that provides you with the most relevant data like tutorials on Google ads how to create and test ads in Google ads, and how to set up Google ads remarketing.

9. WordStream’s PPC University to read more about Google Ads 

Kickstart your Google Ads career with Wordstream PPC which focuses on training people. It is a free PPC marketing course collaborated with the best Google Ads Training Experts by WordStream.

10. Certified Knowledge’s AdWords Lessons 

AdWords lessons provide you with a certification process that will help you to have in-depth knowledge about Google ads. AdWords can be highly beneficial and will also serve you as an ultimate guide to learning about Google ads.

11. Complete Google Ads Pro from Skillshare 

Indeed Skillshare offers the Complete Google Ads Masterclass where you’ll learn to create effective ads for your business & career to grow using Google Ads. This is a 100% practical training course and people seeking good practical opportunities can definitely try this course.

12. Ask Questions in Google Forum Community 

Google Forum Community is the biggest community that has many Google Ads experts associated and they share great knowledge and tips in that forum. Become a part of those forums and ask as many questions as you can. It will help you to learn and enhance your Google Ads experience and get the right set of guidance.

13 AdWords Editor – Free downloadable application for managing your Google Ads campaigns 

A free downloadable application for managing your Google Ads campaigns.AdWords Editor helps you to learn to make changes to your campaigns using Excel and it also allows you to upload them and these will help you to enhance your skills in your Google ads.

14. Prepare yourself for a Google Adwords exam  

After a lot of hustle you do for having Google Ads Skills, Google Adwords Exam is very useful for you to polish your Google Ads Skills and groom yourself better for a Google Adwords career journey.

15. Optmyzr Official Blog for more tricks on Google Ads  

Optymzr is a blogging page where you can get to know various tips, and strategies related to Google ads like how to run Google ads effectively, how to do successful campaigns, etc.

16. Subscribe to Google Official Ads YouTube Channel – Google Ads 

Subscribe to the Official YouTube Channel of Google ads and enjoy all updates related to Google ads. There are so many tutorials being put on their channel that will help you to learn Google ads.

17. Read Expert Suggestions from Neil Patel’s Blogs

Neil Patel is one of the top marketers and Entrepreneurs according to Forbes. Apart from these he even writes blogs. You can read Expert suggestions from him regarding Google ads, what strategies should be used, etc 

18. Sign Up for Google Ads Account and access Keyword Planner

To learn Google ads you should Sign Up for Google Ads Account and access the Keywords planner. It helps you to research the keywords and do a successful campaign. 

19. Join the Twitter Adword community 

There are so many communities on Twitter of Adword where regular updates on Google ads. You can join them and enhance your knowledge regarding Google ads.

20. Stay in touch with Google Official Blog for Ads & Commerce 

Google ads not Only offer you training courses but also offer you various Blogs related to ads and commerce. So, keep on checking their blogs.

21.  Subscribe to Surfside PPC Youtube channel for amazing tips  

Surfside PPC is a YouTube Channel that offers you very amazing tips related to Google ads. Here on this channel, you get to know a lot about Google ads. So, subscribe to them.

22. Keep on asking your queries on Google Help

You can even learn about Google ads by asking all of your queries on Google Help. With the help of Google help, you can get all your queries resolved.

23. Join Google Ads groups and communities on Linkedin and Facebook  

Linkedin and Facebook offer you so many communities and Google ads groups where you can get to learn new things about Google ads, how to use them, how to create ads, what strategies to be used, etc.

24. Run Display Ads for views and keep testing

Display Ads are a type of advertisement that has text, images, and a URL. You should keep on running these display ads as they will give you ideas related to Google ads. It will help you to learn various things about Google ads.

25. Read more on Adhawk Google Adwords Blog

Adhawk Google Adwords Blog offers you the top content, the latest news, tips, and strategies related to Google ads. You can learn a lot about Google ads on Adhawk Google Adwords Blogs.

26. Watch Google Ads updates on Marketing Fundas Youtube Channel 

Marketing Fundas is a youtube channel where you are offered regular updates related to Google ads. So, keep on watching videos on these YouTube channels and get to learn about Google ads.

27. Seek the hacks from Click Geeks website and Youtube Channel 

Click Geeks is a website and a youtube channel where you can see all the hacks related to Google ads. They provide viewers with very good quality content. You can learn hacks from there and use them in Google ads.

28. Ask Questions on Quora from Experts and learn Google Ads

Quora is a platform where people ask their queries and get them resolved by experts. So, you can ask all your queries related to Google ads there and get to know the answers from Experts. It will also help you to learn and know various new things related to Google ads.

29. Help your friends, and colleagues in running Google Ads Campaign and keep on testing

You should keep on helping your friends, and colleagues in running Google ads as it will ultimately enhance your skills and knowledge. By helping them maybe you will be able to expertise in running Google ads.

30. Sign Up To Pega Documentation for learning Google Accounts  

Pega is an academy that trains and certifies people where you can learn various courses like Google Ads. They focus on bringing expertise to you by enhancing your knowledge. So, sign up for Pega documentation and get to learn about Google ads.

31. Learn from Pranav Jha’s Google Ads Mastery Course

Pranav Jha offers you amazing Mastery courses on Google ads. You will be taught everything related to Google ads by the Google Ad expert in India. You can enhance your skills there and get in-depth knowledge about Google ads. The Google Ads Mastery Course is provided both in English and Hindi, along with proper recordings as well as doubt sessions for students. The best part is learning is totally agency-based and has full community support in skill enhancement.

Final Thoughts

Here I shared 31 B1est tips and resources to learn Google Ads which I also personally prefer. I can assure you that if you follow 10 tips regularly out of it you will get proper practical knowledge, exposure, and confidence to run Google Ads campaigns for yourself and other people as well.

I tried to implement the knowledge gained in practice. After long trial and error months, I was finally making a profit and not losing my money anymore because the experience made me in a good position and that is the reason today I can share my growth secrets with you.

So I hope you got the best information about Google Ads mastery and Google ads training in India, keep reading for more such valuable blogs.

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