15 Proven Tips for LinkedIn Followers Attraction in 2024

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If you have a business and you’re not using social media platforms to upgrade your professional life and assist your company, then you’re seriously missing out. LinkedIn is a well-known social media platform that’s specifically made for the professional aspect of its users’ lives. Whether you own a business, are looking for your dream job, or represent an organization, it is a useful tool that can help you attract more LinkedIn followers and reach heights that are hard to imagine without it.

But realistically, it’s only possible if your page can be seen by many people. And followers are essential for expanding your LinkedIn page, and thus your business and professional online presence. The more members you have interacting with your content, the more followers you get. So you will have to increase your followers on LinkedIn to truly enjoy what it has to offer, but how do you do that? Before anything else, ensure your LinkedIn page is complete and made to appeal to the audience you want to attract. 

Those visiting your page will be more likely to follow if the page is completed and useful to the target audience. While a completed page could get up to 30% more views and increase your chances of gaining more followers.,

So here is a list of things that help with growing your LinkedIn followers. We have listed tips for beginners and an advanced guide for companies that are looking to take their pages to the next level.

how to get more linkedin followers at Begining

These tips are especially helpful for businesses starting out on LinkedIn and aiming to attract more LinkedIn followers. And even accounts with thousands of followers are recommended to try these tips if they haven’t already. Even so, we will provide more advanced tips in the intermediate and advanced sections to further enhance your LinkedIn followership.

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Tips for LinkedIn Followers Attraction

1. Be findable – Draw traffic from outside LinkedIn

Drawing attention to your LinkedIn page from outside the platform is an excellent approach to growing your account and attracting more LinkedIn followers. And search engines play a huge role in expanding your LinkedIn follower pool.

You can drive traffic to your account by adding a “follow” button to your website or incorporating links to your LinkedIn profile on other social media platforms. This cross-promotion strategy can significantly increase your visibility and attract more LinkedIn followers to your page.

These actions follow the “set it and forget it” rule, where you don’t have to think about it after setting it up, and it makes it simple for visitors on your website to be redirected to your company’s LinkedIn page.

2. Be sticky – Stay on-brand

“Be sticky” signifies putting out content and posts that stick in the minds of the viewers. making your brand more recognizable and, in doing so, increasing the likelihood of people following your page.

Putting out branded content consistently is incredibly important in establishing an online presence that people can easily come across.

3. Be consistent – Post content to your Page regularly

Consistently posting branded content was already mentioned in the previous tip, but considering its importance, this tip deserves its own elaboration.

Consistently uploading fresh content to your page increases visibility in member feeds. To have a greater organic reach, consider posting at least weekly, as it could significantly boost your engagement.

The more people you can appeal to, the more potential followers your page can gain.

4. Be flashy – Make use of video and visual content

Your content is what drives others to recognize your brand and follow it, but reaching more people involves grabbing that initial bit of attention. 

And it could be done by using images and videos in your posts, which tend to stand out on feeds, making it easier for your page and brand to get noticed.

Uploading pictures from your recent events or professional photos is also a great way to increase your engagement on the platform.

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5. Be relevant – Publish thought leadership content from within your organization

Thought leadership content is about focusing less on what type of content sells and more on what establishes you as an expert in your field. 

It’s necessary to answer questions that those in your target audience are asking, and as a thought leader, your goal is to drive others’ curiosity and engage them in meaningful and memorable conversations through your posts.

Your page and brand will stand out if you can manage to keep people engaged with your posts and offer them something noteworthy.

6. Be engaging – Respond to post comments

To be fair, not every comment requires a response, but replying to the comments on your posts is an incredibly beneficial task, as members are more likely to follow a page that actively participates with their community through comments.

Make sure to reply to comments that are genuine or to members with questions.

Maintaining a healthy number of commenters can go a long way toward making the most of your platform presence.

7. Be responsive – Adjust your content based on Page analytics

Making use of page analytics is a simple yet effective way to optimize your content according to your viewers.

Demographic information about the visitors on your page can help you glean insights that can be really useful for your overall reach.

The valuable set of analytics can take your page to the next level and will continue to be useful even at higher stages.

8. Analyze your competitors’ Pages

Analyzing is one of the most essential tasks when you’re marketing digitally, and learning through your competition is the key to actively optimizing your approach. But not to copy their work and practices but to understand the bases that are not being covered in their approach and provide that in your offerings. So you can provide something that wasn’t previously being sold anywhere.

This concludes the tips that can enhance your overall LinkedIn experience and help you reach the heights that you aspire to. No matter where your page stands right this moment, implementing these tips will take your LinkedIn game to the next level, and for businesses with an already huge following, it would help optimize your experience or even boost your current rate of growth.

This concludes the tips that can enhance your overall LinkedIn experience and help you attract more LinkedIn followers to reach the heights that you aspire to.

9. Encourage employee involvement

Your team members will be your strongest allies in growing a page following. Encourage them to spread the word with friends and colleagues who are interested in what you do. When employees tag your page in updates and share with their networks the benefits of following your page, it can provide a big boost.

Also, be sure your employees are properly mapped to your page (by citing it accurately in their work experience) because every time your employee makes a new connection on LinkedIn, the new connection will be prompted to follow your page.

With the help of your team members, you can give your page’s following a big boost.

encouraging them to share the page with their friends and family members who are interested in what the page has to offer.

And ensure that your employees are mapped to your page so that every connection they make on LinkedIn can be prompted to follow your page.

This way, you can reach more people with ease.

10. Enlist help from customers and brand advocates

This tip is similar to the last one but not quite the same. The goal here is to ask customers and your friends that share your passion for the brand—someone who would be an advocate for you—if they would be interested in helping us increase our LinkedIn following.

Together, we can amplify our LinkedIn followers and enhance our online presence.

And if they can spread the word about your page and brand to their networks, then it could be of great help.

11. Engage with relevant thought leaders in your Page updates

As a thought leader on LinkedIn, you can reach out to various influential people in your industry by mentioning them in your updates or posts; this way, you have a chance to appeal to their network and followers if they manage to reshare your posts.

Make sure you don’t overdo it and come across as desperate in the process.

If you continue doing that, your posts are at risk of coming across as spam, so establishing mutual respect is a must if you would like to associate with influential thought leaders.

12. Coordinate with influencers

Coordinating with influencers is mainly about mutual benefit, your brand gains recognition with the influencer’s audience, and the influencer enjoys the same benefit with recognition from your brand’s audience. The tactic of co-creating content is incredibly profitable and enjoyed by everyone, making it a valuable strategy to attract more LinkedIn followers.

13. Launch a Follower Ad campaign

Every brand’s natural purpose is to seek more LinkedIn followers and further extend its reach on social media platforms.

A lot of them accomplish this through the Dynamic Ad campaign on LinkedIn, which taps into the true potential of LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities and helps reach relevant followers.

14. Encourage executives and prominent leaders to “@mention” your Page

The most prominent individuals in your field have the most influence on the platform because of their vast professional network. So encouraging them to talk about and link to your company’s LinkedIn page could help you get more followers and traffic on your page.

15. Create and maintain Showcase Pages

A showcase page is an add-on to your company page that helps you feature your company’s individual products, specific initiatives, or sub-brands so they can reach out to specific relevant buyers.

Creating them would assist your company page in establishing more than one way of getting discovered. 

But again, ensure that you don’t overdo it because creating showcase pages for every product would weaken your LinkedIn presence. It’s best to use this feature for broad and relevant reach.

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Wrapping Up!

In 2024, make your LinkedIn profile shine with 15 effective tips to get more followers. These ideas, like improving your profile and sharing interesting stuff, will help you connect with more people on LinkedIn and build your professional reputation.

Sachin Jangir
Sachin Jangir
Sachin Jangir is a seasoned digital marketer with over 7 years of experience. He has worked with a variety of businesses across different industries, helping them grow their online presence and drive more traffic and sales. Sachin specializes in Website Development, SEO, Paid Advertising, and Social Media advertising, and has a proven track record of delivering results for his clients.
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