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Virtual Assistant Services in India

The virtual assistant company has become an essential part of every business person’s life in the modern world, where technology and human needs go hand in hand. As we all know, business competition has become more demanding in recent years, and intelligent businesspeople always use VAs, or virtual assistants, to make their jobs easier. Virtual assistants are professionals who work for themselves by contracting work for anyone who needs them. Virtual assistant demand is increasing because the personal touch adds more value to business relations. That is only possible if you have time or someone who understands your role and responsibilities. It’s highly affordable stuff that makes your day-to-day activities easier and on time. This is where Get Catalyzed’s Virtual Assistance Services come into play.

Time is one of the things that people who do well in life value the most. If you want to reach the top, you can not afford to waste your time. Keeping this in mind, Get Catalyzed has developed a beneficial solution that will save you time and help you get ready to get a good grade. Virtual assistant services help you get things done that you have always put off. You can now get a personal assistant working hard to care for everything you need.

About Get Catalyzed Virtual assistant services

No more running around trying to find a reliable virtual personal assistant. People across India trust Get Catalyzed as we provide one of the best virtual assistant services. This trust has helped us in scaling overseas markets. Over the year, we have delivered one of the best solutions to business professionals and individuals. Please focus on the big picture while we take care of your tasks based on your work priorities. We know that your business and goals are significant to you. We will help you find a suitable virtual assistant based on your needs and provide you with complete virtual assistant services. Our virtual assistants understand your requirement, plan your workflow, and execute in the best way to give more satisfaction in achieving your goals.

Virtual Assistant Services

When you run your own business, it is always a good idea to have someone you can give a job to. Get Catalyzed is a company that helps busy people by giving them a virtual assistant to do some of their work. We are a group of experts with everything they need to help you with your business and personal tasks. Our Virtual Assistants can do anything that your assistant can do. At Get Catalyzed, we offer a range of services. Here are the major services offered.

Online Research

You get the best results from our VAs in less time. We use our advanced research skills to find almost all of the information you need.

Get Top Ranking

Email Management

We watch your inbox and answer each email as soon as it comes in. We can help you handle your email in a more advanced way.

Upgrade your design

Calendar Management

You must keep your calendar updated by making changes to it often. Get Catalyzed will do that for you so you will not miss any meetings, parties, or other events.

Engage Visitors

Social Media Management

This service is what Get Catalyzed is best known for. We will promote and manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, and Tumbler, giving you and your business a better place on social media.

Get Top Ranking

Service to customers.

Our VAs can take calls, book tickets, and set up appointments 24/7/365. You can build up a list of real business contacts using a cold calling service

Upgrade your design


You can see how creative we are in the way we present it. We make presentations in PowerPoint, Excel, and MS Word for business and personal use.

Engage Visitors

How do we make sure our Virtual Assistant services are the best?

You can hire us from your location, and we ensure you will get the best affordable virtual assistant services from leading industry experts. We understand your requirement first. Accordingly, we draft a detailed plan and execute things for you. It reduces your overall workload. Our years of experience make us one of the best in the virtual assistant segment. Our founder Kuldeep Gera and the team have immense experience while understanding the overall requirements of the market.

Our virtual assistant services include various activities such as management and dealing with routine tasks, like clearing your inbox, making seat reservations, and paying bills. Thus, you no longer need to spend hours filling out hundreds of forms. Let one of our experts take care of it.

e-commerce website development company

Proposal form

Get on the first page of Google with our Virtual process

This is the desire of almost all entrepreneurs who create websites for their companies. Appearing on the first page of Google has the power to bring many potential customers to the door of your business. In this context, we will present some of the main points that must be considered to have an efficient website with great potential to appear on the first page of Google.

Step 1

determining the client’s needs.

We begin by identifying your business needs in order to provide you with the best-suited and most appropriate virtual assistant.

Step 2


In the next step, we will discuss the details of the project, define the scope of our services, and sign the contract.

Step 3

Knowledge Transformation

Training will be conducted and the necessary documents shared to make sure that our virtual assistant will be able to perform the tasks effectively and as per your processes.

Step 4


Upon completion of the knowledge transfer, our virtual assistant will begin providing the services you need.

Step 5

Evaluation and reporting

Our Virtual Assistant will send you weekly or monthly reports on the tasks performed by your outsourced staff so you can evaluate their performance.

Step 6


We will improve our virtual assistant’s performance based on your assessment and feedback.

Driving Digital Revenue For Our 70+ Satisfied Customers from 20 Countries

Ionut Furnea
Ionut Furnea
Read More
I met Kuldeep and his team on Freelancer as I wanted to build a website/blog. It was a great experience. The team was responsive, understood my requirements, understood some of the additional changes that came after the initial agreement. Since then, I have engaged in a second project with them. I recommend Kuldeep and his team to anyone who is in the search of a development team.
Mike Cotayo
Mike Cotayo
Chief Executive Officer
Read More
Amazing Dedication and Skill! Kuldeep is an amazing person, and he is amazing at what he does. He has worked with me to get exactly what I need and has great ideas that only add to what I'm looking for. I highly recommend him for any job you need. Kuldeep is the best!!! He is reliable, timely, works independently, takes direction well, and collaborates nicely! Seriously, hire him!
Aparajita Subhadarshani
Aparajita Subhadarshani
Read More
Kuldeep is highly skilled, quick in understanding customer need and master in recommending an ultimate solution. He is a detailed oriented, hard-working, authentic person who not only plans but also executes creative solutions for clients.
Anthony Hutchinson
Anthony Hutchinson
Read More
Kuldeep has been nothing but great to work with and I would recommend him to anybody who needs the wide range of services he provides. Very timely and professional with his work and will be my partner for years to come. Glad that I initially hired him on freelancer because he has been nothing but help. Keep it up man!
Andrew Bertram
Pacific Northwest Sales Engineer
Read More
I worked with Kuldeep on multiple list building and outreach projects at Kaitech. He is very good at building a quality list that will maximize marketing opportunities and target appropriate potential clients. He is very easy to work with and professional in his approach. I highly recommend utilizing his skills!
Luis	Juarez
Luis Juarez
Read More
Kuldeep is one of the best project executives I've worked with in years. His strategies, techniques, knowledge and use of tools allow us to obtain reliable results. Not to mention his kindness and always good disposition.
Rajesh Bansal
Rajesh Bansal
IT Consultant
Read More
We are grateful to Kuldeep for rendering his outstanding services in lead generations, content writing etc for the promotions of our client's brand. If you are looking for hiring somebody for this task, you found the perfect person.
Jerel Nelson
Jerel Nelson
Chief Executive Officer
Read More
Kuldeep has been an integral member of our marketing team. He is a fantastic communicator, learns quickly, and goes out of his way to be available. If he has time for you, hire him!
Ari Ginsberg
Ari Ginsberg
Chief Executive Officer
Read More
Kuldeep has been a fantastic resource for my company. My company has grown significantly and expanded with his help. I recommend Kuldeep for any business looking to do the same.


Website Launched


Leads Generated


Years of Expertise

Why Choose Virtual Assistant Services

Get Catalyzed Virtual assistants are like invisible forces that take care of everything you need. Here is what it means for busy people

10 years Experience

We are surviving the industry after 10 years of so many ups and downs. We learned a lot and we put that learning into our work, so the chances of malfunctions are almost zero.

Best Talent

You will find the best talent in the industry in our team. We have an experienced and sharp-brained workforce. They will take your work to the next level.

Proven results

We’re proud to share some of our proven results for the brands we work with. Our data-driven approach, along with our expertise in virtual assistance, adds a lot of value to our agency. By doing this, we have been able to guarantee results that have exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Proven SEO process

As a team, we strive to provide best-in-class support to our customers. Our VAs work to bring this dream to reality by creating a support system around you. In addition, our company allows you to delegate your tasks to professionals.


Transparency is defined as “the quality of being done in an open way without secrets.” We work in a way in which all team members can access all relevant information about a project easily and efficiently.

Ethical SEO

We believe in code of ethucs

Our Virtual Assistant Specialists

kuldeep Gera

Kuldeep Gera


  • 8+ years of experience
  • 13000+ LinkedIn followers.
  • 100+ projects
sachin jangir

Sachin Jangir


  • 6+ years of experience.
  • Created 50+ websites.
  • Drove more than 60 Lakhs in sales in 10 months
pranav jha Digital Marketing Expert

SEO Consultant

  • 9+ years of experience
  • Trained 5000+ professionals
  • Ranks on top on Google for “Digital marketing consultant in India”,
  • “Google Ads Trainer in India”

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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual Assistant can take care of all the tasks you may need help with but don’t want to spend your time on.
It can be doing outreach on social media, preparing weekly reports, creating marketing material, helping in social media, doing research, and so on.

Yes, India has a skilled workforce that learns rapidly and can be a good value addition to your team. Indian virtual assistants are affordable and very smart individuals.

You can hire a Virtual Assistant through us hourly as per your needs. You can decide on a fixed number of weekly hours and then pay accordingly for 4 weeks of services.

Yes, you can hire full-time Virtual Assistants with us working dedicatedly for you. They would follow your work ethics, tools, and ideologies and would be part of your team just employed at Get Catalyzed office.

Yes, Virtual Assistant can work within your time zone entirely or, for most of it, as you need.

Yes, we provide VA on an ad-hoc basis as well. You pay us for the number of hours per the decided rate and then use up those hours as needed over time.

No, it is nonexpirable time that can be utilized whenever you want.

It can cost anywhere between $6 – $25 per hour to hire a Virtual Assistant based on the work you want to be done, the work hours required, and so on.

One of the main reasons for hiring a Virtual Assistant from Get Catalyzed is your work won’t be stopped in case of non-availability of the assigned VA due to health issues, personal reasons, and so on. We assign another VA to get the work done on time.

Get Catalyzed provides highly trained VA, and their training constantly continues to adapt your way of work.



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Get catalyzed is a full-fledged creative solution marketplace. You can trust us with all your content creation and promotion tasks. We offer all our services at affordable prices to bring the best in class deals for you. 

Get catalyzed is a full-fledged creative solution marketplace. You can trust us with all your content creation and promotion tasks. We offer all our services at affordable prices to bring the best in class deals for you. 

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