Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Get Catalyzed is not just a company but an emotion of its founder and team who immerse themselves into the projects completely. We act as a catalyst for your business making your business activities efficient and help you in achieving business goals before time.


Google searches are divided into paid and organic. Carrying this understanding to the field of content, when we use organic ways to attract traffic on our website, it is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

On the other hand, when we combine paid and organic ways to bring traffic and increase visibility, it is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Why is Search Engine Marketing important?

With the use of paid search and contextual advertising, search engine marketing makes sure that the visitors of your website are targeted. Moreover, such rescission with the search results, sales become an inevitable fact. 

SEM is backed by strong analytics. It works in depth with artificial intelligence to showcase in the search results along with organic reach.

SEM Joke.

Why do cab drivers make good paid search advertisers?

They can really drive in traffic.

How can we help through SEM?

Get Catalyzed has been in business long enough to quickly identify the requirements of a brand, their audience and their marketing needs. Our experience equips us with the know how to use this wonderful online marketing tool. 

We work intensively on the keyword generation and apply them with precision into SEM for your brand. This way we will be able to reach your target audience, generate new sales, and boost up revenues. 

Moreover, all this at a reasonable cost.

How Much Does SEM Cost?


Default price included 10 Keywords Plan

How Much Does SEM Cost?


Default price included 10 Keywords Plan

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