How hiring a virtual assistant can help you save more than 20 hours a week

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Do you find it difficult to manage your work and feel stuck?

If yes, hiring a virtual assistant can help you save more than 20 hours a week and make your day more productive. 

You must be wondering, who are they? How can they help you?  

We have got all the answers and more below: 

Who are virtual assistants?

Virtual Assistants are the individuals or companies who work on a contract basis to complete specific projects and duties. Also, we can say they are self-employed who work for their clients. They are capable of handling all tasks from administrative to management. They are available to work in almost all industries like real estate, digital marketing, etc.

How virtual assistants can help you?

Virtual assistants usually work on a contract basis or project basis. You can either appoint them to work a set number of hours a day, week, or month or on a project basis. 

They can help you with almost all kinds of work like answering phone calls, emails, setting up an office, data entry work, handling your social media accounts, and in all kinds of digital marketing, technical and legal tasks too. 

Here are the top ten reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant:  

1. Increase Productivity 

Work productivity is important for every business and individual too. Virtual assistance works differently by avoiding office environment distractions and chit-chat. They focus and dedicate their time to assigned tasks.  they mostly work on a contract and freelance basis so client satisfaction is their priority.

2. Reduce labour tasks and save your money 

Hiring too many employees not only costs you high but also managing them becomes quite tricky. By hiring a virtual assistant you can reduce labour tasks and save some pennies. To a virtual assistant, you need to pay only for the hours they work and for the tasks delegated by you.

3. Save time and improve work quality 

Tasks like checking and answering emails, managing phone calls, handling social media accounts, and managing websites; consume lots of time. 

How would you feel if a responsible person takes care of all such tasks? 

Feels Good. Right?

          As you’d be able to dedicate your precious time to growing and marketing your business. 

Hiring a professional virtual assistant can contribute to overall work quality and get better results for you. 

4. Contribute to Business growth 

It is difficult to do all tasks by yourself. 

Isn’t it?

Having a helping hand on various projects is important for business growth. Hiring a virtual assistant can help you to flourish your business with strategic partnerships and shared interests.

Guide your virtual assistant to develop a complete understanding of your business mission, vision, needs, ethics and policies. Allow them to share ideas to see substantial growth in your business.

5. Help to establish your online presence 

A professional virtual assistant is skilled in digital marketing. They can help you with all your online tasks and provide you with the best digital marketing strategies. Hence, help you to build a dynamic online presence by managing your social media accounts. An active presence on social media is important for every business and this required consistency and smart work. 

6. Reduced  risks in scaling operations 

There is a lot of uncertainty in business. The next action plan seems to be infeasible. 

Do you also get stuck sometimes?

In such situations, a Virtual assistant could be the perfect solution and can manage your work volume. 

7. Get the skills your business needs 

To stay in the market, you need skilled people in your team. Whether you are a business owner or a solopreneur, it’s unlikely that an individual has every skill to run it. 

This is where a virtual assistant can help you. Hire qualified virtual assistance who has the skills set you’re looking for.  

8. Strengthen Weak area 

Admit it – It’s not possible to be the jack of all trades!

Some are good at the tech area and some are not tech-savvy. 

In cases like these, Virtual assistants can fill the gap at organizational and individual levels. With the right strategies and work ethics, they can strengthen your business’ weak areas.  

9. Efficient customer handling and support 

Meeting the customer need is important for every business. And this can be perfectly done by voice support. Find a virtual assistant who can take care of customer service calls and help you in establishing brand identity and reputation. 

10. Guarantee for trust and confidentiality

Building trust is one of the crucial things for the optimal running of every business. Virtual assistants are trustworthy when it comes to work following work ethics and maintaining business confidentiality. You can trust them with tasks as client satisfaction is their priority. They work dedicatedly to protect your interests and businesses reputation.


In this fast-moving tech world, having a helping hand can save your precious hours. Hiring a virtual assistant can assist you in meeting all your business needs. They can make your everyday super productive and contribute to scaling up your business growth

Sachin Jangir
Sachin Jangir

Sachin Jangir is a seasoned digital marketer with over 7 years of experience. He has worked with a variety of businesses across different industries, helping them grow their online presence and drive more traffic and sales. Sachin specializes in Website Development, SEO, Paid Advertising, and Social Media advertising, and has a proven track record of delivering results for his clients.