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No, your credits in GC Wallet are non-expirable. It would remain even after years from now.

Yes, you can. However, a 15% charge would be deducted, and the remaining would be sent to you. 

Note: You can not withdraw the bonus credits given by us.

Yes, we have planned to give free credits to our loyal customers. It can be achieved by doing various tasks like leaving a good LinkedIn review on our owner Kuldeep Gera’s LinkedIn profile, making a video review for us, etc.

No, we don’t entertain fake reviews on our website. You would only be entitled to leave a LinkedIn recommendation once you have spent at least 300$ with us, and is aware of how we work.

Once you spend at least 1000$ and work with us for at least 3 months, you would be entitled to make a video review for us and get credits for it.

If you add more than 2500$ to your wallet at once, we would add 100$ as a bonus from our side. 

Note: The bonus would be canceled if an amount of more than 500$ is to be withdrawn from it.

Yes, you can feel free to recommend us to any of your people in your network, you would be given a referral code to do so.

Yes, you would. Though we haven’t decided how much it would be. We would be adding some credits manually from time to time as the people you refer would work with us.

Search Engine Optimization

No, SEO would not bring traffic instantly but once your website is ranking on the decided keywords, it would begin providing a significant amount of traffic to your website. 

It depends on the keywords strategy that we use. Sometimes it starts showing results from the third month itself, and sometimes from the six months. We would make sure to do good keyword research and rank your website in less time as possible.

It may take up to a few months to start ranking on the first website based on the difficulty of your keywords.

You would get monthly reports of the various metrics decided at the start of the contract, you would also get weekly reports on the off-page SEO activities.

We would recommend going for at least 4 months of SEO before making any decisions.

No, you would have to pay monthly only.

More Visibility to your website/business would lead to more traffic, and in turn, bring in more leads for your business.

Website Development

Website is considered as the basic step of taking a business online. One can use it to showcase their product/services or can use it to build their portfolio.

You can get your domain from GoDaddy, and you get 1 year of hosting free from Get Catalyzed.

You would be charged 60$ a year for hosting to keep your website running which is even less than 17 cents a day.

Yes, if you want, you can change your hosting after a year. 

No, the charge would be the same as it is an additional benefit that we give to our customers.

No, you won’t be charged automatically as we won’t store any of your card details. We would reach out to you to ask if you would continue your hosting with us, once you agree, we would ask you to pay. 

We would provide you with 3-month technical support for your website. It would not include any excess content upload after the website is built.

It can take anywhere between 2-30 days based on the complexity of the website. Some websites take even longer, as sometimes we wait for content, but our development team gets work done in no time.

Email List Building

Most of our email list is made on-demand based on individual requirements. We do have a couple of pre-made email lists that can be bought directly from our website.

You can buy exclusive rights for the list that you want us to prepare and it won’t remain with us to be sold to others.

The minimum order would be 100 email leads at least.

Yes, we can on-demand help you in sending emails manually or setting up automation on your behalf.

You can let us know the region that you serve, the type of companies, company size, etc. We would prepare a sample based on that and would let you know the cost.

We generally cover Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Title, email address, LinkedIn URL. You can have other information as well which you think would be useful for you.

Note: We don’t provide direct phone numbers of the contact person, company revenue, etc.

We can provide an advanced email database where we would research each lead, and find some information that would be relevant to only one single person and give it an impression of a personalized email campaign rather than a mass email campaign.

Virtual Assistance

Yes, you can hire a full-time Virtual Assistant with us.

Yes, you can hire a dedicated graphic designer, web developer, writer, etc.

Yes, you can hire someone for as low as 5 hours a week up to 40 hours of the week.



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Get catalyzed is a full-fledged creative solution marketplace. You can trust us with all your content creation and promotion tasks. We offer all our services at affordable prices to bring the best in class deals for you. 

Get catalyzed is a full-fledged creative solution marketplace. You can trust us with all your content creation and promotion tasks. We offer all our services at affordable prices to bring the best in class deals for you. 

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